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Community Partnership School Director 

Lisa Smith-Coleman 

Office: 850-777-5695

Cell:  850-426-2777


Family and Community Engagement Coordinator




Wellness Support Coordinator

Latonya Jones-Conners









UCF Certified Community Partnership School

Community Partnership School

CPS Model

C.A. Weis  is proud to be the first elementary level community partnership school in the state of Florida. 

The mission of the C.A. Weis Elementary School - A Community School is to unite our school, families, and community for shared success and well-being.

We strive to be a beacon of hope deeply rooted in compassionate partnerships that are relevant to the growth of our students’ and community’s well-being.

Our core partners in this mission are Children's Home Society, Community Health of Northwest Florida and the University of West Florida. 

Community School Programs

  • S.A.I.L. Academy 
  • Onsite healthcare
  • Onsite dental care
  • Onsite mental health counseling
  • Weis Eyes (onsite optometry)
  • Parent Education


Partners in Education

Baptist Health Care helps Weis is so many ways. We especially want to thank them for their time, expense and effort to bring each child a gift at Christmas from Santa who arrives in a helicopter.

We would also like to thank the following community partners for their continued support:

  • Greater Little Rock Mission Anglican Church

  • First Baptist Church