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Have you heard about our

One Team Parent Program?

As ONE TEAM, staff, teachers, families and students, our missions is to work together to ensure that EVERY STUDENT is successful. 

We also want to CELEBRATE those who are working with us as ONE TEAM. 

When you sign up for the One Team Program, you earn points for participating and working on our team. Points can be earned by attending a parent teacher conference or family night. Those points will then be redeemed several times a year. 

Last year, One Team members were invited to a spaghetti dinner at school and were able to redeem their points at a Weis Store for Families right before Christmas.

This year, due to Covid and restrictions on having families in the building, we have had to pause our family events at school. However, you can still earn points and we will have chances to redeem them as soon as it is deemed safe! 


For more information, contact Amaya Evans-Davis at 850-426-5194



The Focus Parent Portal is a service offered to parents and guardians for accessing certain student records.  The Focus  Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to see information about ALL of their students through one website.  The Focus  Parent Portal also allows parents to keep up-to-date on assignments, read district news, see report cards, and communicate easily with their child's teacher.


Please visit the ECSD site to learn more about how to use the portal.